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Real In Memphis Is Great

I <3 RiM

7/29/05 01:17 am - gazzamazza - ZOOSEE STEEEVE TORNS A YEAR OOLDAH

Have a goood oone moon lol. Doon't get too pissed with da missus like ;)

7/28/05 12:30 am - gazzamazza - FOOK OOF MOOTAHROOLA!


7/20/05 10:55 pm - gazzamazza - Heety cood be noomba oone contenda too Lista's croown!

Afta an ooneventful day, Heety (Heetseeka) saves RiM by poosting a thread aboot Ivan Da Terrible.

Next week in my opinioon, Heety shuld fite JNLista like foor Lista's croown. Afta Simania oonsuccessfully tried to get Lista's RiM croown, I think Heety cood have a fair shoot, pet.

7/20/05 04:14 am - gazzamazza - Rim POST OF THE WEEK (ARCHIVE~)

Everyone in that thread is right, McFly are just cheap imitations of us

And Iain, how the fuck did you manage to get turned down for a club when you're 6'7?

Anyway, cheers to all , not more than a few 's tonight cos I have work tomorrow, Friday and Saturday should be.....interesting though

and I accept the invitation John


7/18/05 08:26 pm - gazzamazza - Simania challenges JNLister for the RiM Crown.

1) neil & Kenny McBride & Rob Edwards defeated john & Linus & amancalledmikey, when McBride pinned Starr with his 'Big Thump' bodyslam. The babyfaces were introduced as the new 'six man tag team champions', but weren't carrying any title belts. Average squash match....

2) Iain defeated Douglar, via Scorpion deathlock submission, after a Iainer splash. The feared Douglar makes an appearance. He must be one of the hardest working jobbers in wrestling history - the man gets everywhere! Iain came to the ring wearing the most awful jacket - a white polyester jacket, with a large colour print of his likeness on the back. In order words, 'Buy this jacket please, little Iainers!'. Another total squash...... The Terje Rindal taped promo aired, as outlined above.....

3) Alan Hill and Jaminity (Arseburger Family) defeated Martin Wickham & Wild II, when alanhill frankensteinered Wild II.....

Next up was an edition of Paul 'E. Dangerously' Heyman's 'Dangerzone' interview segment, in which his guest was Draz. He accused his former partner, Benoitmark, of straying from their roots. He outlined all the differences between himself and Benoitmark & dandaman619619, painting himself as a common, hard-working man. Heyman did a good job in playing devils advocate with his questioning, setting up Sickboy' babyface replies, which received cheers from the crowd. So far so good.......

4) bobbins defeated johnny in a good, competitive match. First appearance for johnny on this show, I think. $tew came to ringSie to scout bobbins. bobbins got the pinfall after a missile dropkick. Afterwards, $tew distracted him, allowing Famous Mortimer to run in and attack him........

Holy NWA-TNA, on-screen graphics built up the upcoming RIM. title match. SiMania was listed as 6'9", 330lbs and no. 3 in the RiM rankings. JNLister was listed as 6'5", 280lbs and no.1 in the RiM rankings......

5) JNLister retained the U.S. title, defeating SiMania via count-out. Punch, kick, eye-rake, clothesline, and repeat. That was the story of this match. To be fair, the live crowd was really into it and the reactions were great, but this t.v. match didn't really hold up well in the mists of time.... Can I just make my weekly 'Gordon Solie rules' reference? Lister took an eye-rake and Solie remarked, "He's having an ocular problem right now" I just thought that was so funny...... Great sign in the crowd: 'Lister! That says it all!' It most certainly does...... Anyway, back to the actual match. SiMania was in control most of the match, and had Lister pinned for a 2 and 3/4 quarters count. Crowd actually believed a title change was possible here, which was cool. Lister 'lexed up' and posted Si, then rolled into the ring at the count of nine for the count-out win..... Post match, Si re-entered the ring and attacked Lister. Si called for his now familiar stretcher to be brought to ringside, which it was. He went to powerbomb Lister, but Lex reversed it into a back body drop, with SiMania flying over the top rope and briefly landing on to his own stretcher. Si was stunned by this and crowd were cheering wildly as the show went off the air.

Dialogue of the Week: Classic kayfabe line from Gordon Solie during the Lister-SiMania title match:
"The difference between being a champion and being a challenger amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year."
Ah yes, it all makes sense now. So that's why Triple H never wants to drop his title.

Grade: C. Average show this week. It was good see a title match on the show. Unfortunately, the actual match itself was poor.

i wootched dis show like, i was disapointed dat Douglar jobbed lol.
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